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  • Eric Dregne

stopping bullying in Sun Prairie

photo credit John Hart, State Journal Archives

Communities across the country are struggling to find solutions to bullying among students and even adults. In Sun Prairie, WI a series of bullying incidents led led local leaders from the City of Sun Prairie and the Sun Prairie School District to take action.

The approach: The City of Sun Prairie empowered the Youth and Families Commission to engage a collaborative made up of local organizations to help address the issue. The purpose of the collaborative is to create a community-led approach to bullying prevention.

The community understood a team approach, that includes City, School, and community would be the most effective and sustainable.

At next level, we specialize in utilizing Results Based Accountability and Collective Impact strategies to help communities tackle community-wide challenges together. We facilitate leadership alignment to ensure a common agenda, and then help foster collaboration among agencies to take action.

If your community or organization are ready to take a collaborative approach to address an issue or create an opportunity in your community, let's talk.

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