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  • Eric Dregne

setting strategy in Harvard, IL

When the community elected a majority of new City Aldermen in 2018 Harvard's veteran City Manager saw an opportunity to engage the City Council and his management team in setting a new vision for the City of 10,000.

The approach: We helped the Harvard team determine a vision for the community over the next 30 years and then established goals for the next 2-3 years to move the City towards that vision.

"We found Eric to be both a partner and a leader to help us find our own unified vision.  The leadership that he provided through the process made our group confident that this was not going to be another plan that sits on a shelf." Dave Nelson, City Administrator

At next level, we specialize in helping communities under 25,000 in population who want to create a long-term vision and immediate-term strategies to ensure their communities thrive. Talk to us about how we can help your community.

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