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remaking a Community Health Center

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

next level's owners representative services help Crescent build a new facility while keeping focused on their fast growing health care center in an emerging neighborhood in Dubuque.

Crescent Community Health Center was ready for a big move. The 11-year-old Federally Qualified Community Health Center had outgrown its current space. The team served more than 6,800 patients in 2017, in their 15,000 sf facility, and they were projected to serve more than 8,500 annually by 2022.

Fortunately, just across the street, a developer from the neighborhood was making plans to rehabilitate a historic building with more than 25,000 sf available on the 3rd & 4th floor.

“Eric has streamlined communication, learned our needs quickly, and let's us focus on our clients while engaging our team and board in the project in an effective & efficient way” Brooke Gomez, COO & Interim CEO

During negotiations with the developer, the parties agreed on a high impact plan for the building and the neighborhood; a health care campus anchored by Crescent’s medical and dental services, that would bring a pharmacy, vision care, mental health services to this neighborhood in need.

Crescent’s Board and Staff ran an award-winning health center but did not have experience developing facilities. In the midst of a rapid growth period, they didn’t want staff distracted by a facility project.

Acting on a recommendation from their architect, Straka Johnson, the Board engaged our Owner’s Representative Services. Over the course of the project, we facilitated the lease negotiation, inventoried existing and future Furniture, Fixture, Equipment and built a program for FFE in the new space, engaged specialty contractors for medical, dental, and technology improvements, developed the project budget, worked with the construction team and architect to ensure the space was built right, planned and facilitated the move and even coordinated signing needs.

Construction was completed on time and on budget and today Crescent is serving more patients in the community than ever.

Let’s talk about how next level can help with your facility project.

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