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  • Eric Dregne

a discovery center at Wapello

The Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation wanted to share the rich history of indigenous people at the Wapello Land & Water Reserve. next level helped from the very start.

We started by mapping the project, from initial visioning & engagement of tribal partners, to development, to design, construction, and launch phases. We lay out a plan so stakeholders can see where they are headed.

The Wapello project has just begun, and is a work in progress.

Our first steps were focused on helping local stakeholders establish a vision. We created a process for building partnerships with tribal partners, so they could be involved from the start. "Getting the engagement from tribal partners from the very the beginning and building the right structure for decision making was a critical first step", Steve Barg, Executive Director JDCF, "next level understood that and helped us create a language, structure, and a process that brought our stakeholders together in the right way"

Looking ahead, we will develop the vision and key design principles with a project committee comprised of tribal partners (at the center) and local stakeholders. This work will inform our design. We'll also support outreach and engagement of design firms, program partners, construction firms, exhibit designers, and other needed partners. Along the way we will support the zoning and approval process with local, regional, and state organizations.

Watch for updates. We are just getting started with this project.

If you are thinking about a large project with lots of stakeholders, a development effort, design/construction, etc. and want to talk about how next level can help your organization make your big idea happen, let's talk.

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