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strategic visioning | setting strategy

Communities with strong plans and a clear vision thrive. At next level, we help your team create clear strategies and implementation plans in order to: 

engage stakeholders more deeply

guide staff with a clear vision

leverage resources more effectively

improve implementation of Comprehensive Plans

inform community members

decide using data

Our strategic planning process is interactive and engaging.  We help your team think and set strategy. We spend time upfront getting to know you. We design a process that fits your situation. We engage your team and stakeholders to build buy-in, and we can help develop metrics to measure your progress during implementation. We specialize in working with cities with populations of 5,000 to 25,000 and nonprofits of any size.

We help leverage your team's expertise, experience, and ideas using our process-based consulting tools like Results-Based Accountability, Sinek's 'Find Your Why', and Real-Time Strategic Planning. Our process is designed to build engagement, increase buy-in, and improve implementation.

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