• Eric Dregne

Set a VISION for your Community

Communities that plan well, THRIVE. Engaging your community in creating ideas that inform that plan is the most powerful way to build your community's future. In 2005, the City of Dubuque launched a community visioning process facilitated by the team at next level. The process was led by the Chamber and local Community Foundation. You can read more about it here. The process yielded 10 bold ideas that literally shaped the community's future.

In 2009, the team from next level helped Galena, IL use the same process in scaled to fit the community's needs as a city of just 3,500 people. The community submitted hundreds of ideas and voted to narrow the list to 5. The outcomes included an expanded History Museum, river front improvements along the Galena River (including a Kayak Park that will be constructed in 2021), a new larger facility for the Galena Art & Rec Center, and a new Art Center.

What will your community do over the next 10 years. Communities with a plan, developed by residents, do amazing things. At next level, we partner with communities to help them make BIG IDEAS happen.

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